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AI Advantage Workshop: Writing Branded Prompts


​Join me for a FREE workshop-style webinar!

Thursday, May 30, 2024
12:00-1:00 PM CST


  1. Learn how to leverage your brand for an AI advantage

  2. Live co-working time to define six key areas of your brand

  3. Master the "Branded Prompt Writing Formula" 

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Registration includes the AI Advantage downloadable workbook (you'll need it for this webinar!) and limited time access to view the "Find Your Brand Vibe" webinar replay.


You're getting AI results that sound like a robot.

You waste time rewriting AI generated content.

You're still writing generic AI prompts.

The more detailed brand information that is fed to AI, the better and more unique the resulting content will be.


I'll walk you through how to go from generic AI prompts to writing branded AI prompts that help to better generate content that sounds like you and speaks to your ideal clients!


Create content that sounds like you

Make AI the shortcut that it should be

Stay consistent and on brand

Avoid the frustration of robotic results 

Your Shortcut to Great Content

Writing good prompts is a key skill in harnessing the power of AI. If your prompts aren't well-written, the resulting output can fall flat and risk making you look or sound like a robot.

So what does it take to write a good prompt? Start with your brand!

A well-written prompt should include your brand’s voice, personality, values, and insights into your target audience. Doing this will help AI generate content with a voice, a personality, and a set of values created for a specific audience that generally can't be replicated by just any robot on its own. 

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