Brand Strategy + Visual Identity

Your 'brand' encompasses so much more than simply a beautiful logo, which is why we offer custom Brand Strategy + Visual Identity package options. All packages start with a thorough brand strategy session, so we can get to the core of your business before executing on design. We'll provide you with your final Brand Strategy document, Brand Guide, logo files and a few other custom pieces to help you get started. Please contact us for additional information and pricing. 

Why a Package? 

Get started on the right track with your new brand! If we simply handed you some logo files, would you feel confident to use them and present your new brand to the world? Do you have the time to do so effectively? Most business owners simply do not, and that is a-okay. 


Along with your logo, we love to provide some additional print and social media graphics so you can rest easy and feel confident while successfully launching your new brand with ease!