Establishing a deep-rooted brand is more than creating a fancy logo. It is critical for the growth of any sized business. It’s about defining your passion and purpose, how you interact with customers, and all the touch points in between.

Businesses, no matter how big or small, should be grounded in brand strategy and developed with purpose. This allows you to create a solid foundation to speak to your audience on an emotional and highly effective level.

Blurred background of a client's brand strategy and print design on a work desk.

What is included? 

During the Brand Strategy phase, we talk through every little detail of your company to unpack WHO you are and WHAT you are about, including:

+ Brand Story 

+ Brand Purpose

+ SWOT Analysis

+ Market Fit

+ Target Audience

+ Brand Values

+ Customer Persona

+ Brand Keywords

+ You vs. The Competition

+ Brand Voice

+ Brand Mood Board

Why do it? 

Everything about your brand should be intentional, because it is about so much more than a beautifully crafted logo.


Brand Strategy is the blue print for your business— from how you visually present yourself to the world through logos and graphics, to how you speak to and interact with your clients, and so much more.

Picture of printed stationery designed with a client's branding.

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The Wellness Collective walks the line of having a spa-like serene look, but many of their services are clinical. Through our brand strategy discussion, we decided that the logo should approach this from both sides.