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Help at Your Fingertips


Occasionally I come across products and services that are designed to make your life as a business owner just a little easier! The following resources are ones that I've personally used and wanted to share with you.

Items noted with an asterisk(*) are affiliate links and I earn a small commission on any purchases made using these unique links. If you have any questions regarding my experience using these services, please feel free to drop me a note

File Backups

Effortlessly backup your files for peace of mind. Find out why I am so passionate about Backblaze and how it saved me from almost losing all of my client files. 

Easy Presentations

Loom is one of my favorite business tools. I use it for presenting client work or creating how-to tutorials. It's so easy to use and has been a game-changer! 

Share Those Links

This is a product I use for both of my businesses! It is an easy way to have a link in your Instagram bio that points to multiple links on a branded landing page.

Design for Everyone

I'm promoting design software? (Gasp!) But yes, I do believe there is a time and place for Canva. Our team frequently uses it to create branded templates for our clients. 

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Legal Protection

While I always recommend consulting your own lawyer, The Contract Shop is the next best thing for contracts, workbooks and courses to protect your business. 

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Creative Resource

If your business is in need of stock imagery or font licenses, Creative Market is here for you. It can be a great resource and way to support fellow artists! 

Accounting Partner

QuickBooks is a robust, essential tool any business can use for tracking detailed financial information. I also highly recommend hiring an accountant if you are not a skilled in tax and accounting!