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We are passionate about getting to know businesses and working with them as an extension, or branch (see what we did there?), of their team to create a polished and professional presence for their company in print and online.

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I am Melissa, owner and creative director of Branch Creative Co.


When I started this company in 2009, my intention was to simply create a side hustle within the industry that I loved; design. By establishing my own sturdy roots and becoming more intentional with my dream, I was able to take Branch Creative from freelance side gig to focused business and set out as an independent designer in 2014.


Since then, I have worked with my incredible team of designers to establish a set of processes and standards that translate into incredible success for my clients. My team is an essential component of our foundation. Without them, Branch wouldn’t be what it is today.

And that’s exactly how our clients see us. We are a branch of their teams; an extension that can help strategically advance their brand to be a master storyteller with a unique business identity and purposeful brand-specific designs. 

Our Values


We work alongside you to provide branding and design services that elevate your business. We concentrate on all aspects of growth; from establishing a strong root system through brand strategy to constructing effective designs. We value our relationships and our experiences with our clients and count them among our most important resources. And we are there for each step; encouraging, supporting, and celebrating you.​

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In addition to Branch Creative, I am also Co-Owner and CMO of Severance Brewing Company in downtown Sioux Falls, SD. This endeavor has gifted me with the experience of being on both sides of branding; as client and designer. As a business owner, I understand the importance of storytelling and the intricacies of graphic design. As a local, I understand the thoughtful, progressive, and creative heartbeat at this city’s center. And I’m excited to help you rock this.

Beyond Design


Outside of the many facets of my design life, I am a blessed midwestern wife and mother who embarrasses my kids by jamming out to Dave Matthews Band in my kitchen and my car and I love to laugh until I cry. I also love the 3 “Bs”; baking, ballet, and (craft) beer, in no particular order.

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Are you happy with how you’re showing up for your preferred audience? If not, you’re in the right place.

Request a quote or visit our process page to learn more about how we do what we do. Strategy and design are an important step to telling your story and one that you and your business are worthy of doing well!


Rooted in strategy. Strengthened by expertise. Growth through purposeful branding and design.