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  • Introductions
    First, we start with introductions. We’ll want to discuss where you’re at now, what your vision and goals are, identify what’s lacking, and determine if we’re a good fit for each other. From there, we’ll develop a custom proposal based on our communications and set up a project kick off (which is the first celebration!) Investment All of our projects start with Brand Strategy as the foundation and most of our clients invest between $3,500 - $10,000, although there are outliers on each side of that range.
  • Brand Strategy
    Our brand strategy session happens as our first order of official business. We are going to get down to the nitty-gritty with an in-depth questionnaire that helps us understand all facets of who you are. I'll compile our strategy session and provide your custom brand strategy presentation alongside a PDF guide that details all aspects of your brand; from design direction to your brand voice and everything in between.
  • Visual Identity
    Next up is our visual design component. Again, keeping strategy at the forefront, we’ll begin creating your logo concepts. We are a one concept studio to allow for the strongest possible creative solution for your brand. Easy peasy. Was that a gasp? Don’t freak out! We still work through tons of concepts internally and lean into our role as the Creative Director to drill down to the very best concept. This means that we’re going to make sure that the concept fits the intention and aligns with what we established together during your brand strategy phase.
  • Refinements
    Because we know that the design needs to be perfectly aligned with your strategy and audience, we provide two rounds of refinement. In some cases (most, to be honest), there aren’t any refinements that need to be made and that is perfectly okay! That happens often because we spend so much time on the front end ensuring that we’ve fine tuned every aspect of your brand.
  • Collateral + Web Design
    Collateral design is the next step in our process and it's a really fun one! Once the logo and visual elements are finalized, we’ll build out any other print or digital pieces that are included as part of your custom package. We LOVE beautifully crafted designs and know that our customers do, too! We can provide quotes for printing upon request. For those that chose a custom website with their package, this is usually the time when we kickstart that phase of the process!
  • Launch
    Hold on because it is GO TIME! Once everything has been approved, Branch will provide you with all of your logo and design files along with an in-depth Brand Guide to help you stay on track and ON BRAND (consistency, remember?) Voilà! It’s now time to introduce your brand to the world!

Got questions? We've got answers. If there's anything not covered below, feel free to contact us at any time!



This (process) was so awesome and such a joy to see our logo come to life so to speak. Your passion and knowledge were evident as this was so easy for us and we really appreciate all your hard work in this. We really love it and thank you so much. 

Jason Dorhout, Triple Crown Farms





Most projects start here. We dive deep and get to the root of your business.



A great option for knocking out that list of graphic design projects.



Showcase your business online with a website that strategically works for you.

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