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Build a Brand Your Dream Clients Can't Resist

You understand the importance of branding for your business. You REALLY want to attract those dream clients. You want to take the time to do it right. But you didn't go to school to learn how to become a branding expert. So where do you start? 




Be Magnetic is a six week brand strategy experience for solopreneurs and small business owners who want to clarify their brand and be able to authentically represent their business to the world. 

We'll meet virtually each week to unpack core branding elements for your business: 

  • Vision, Mission, Brand Essence

  • Values, Voice, Personality

  • Market Fit, Audience, Customer Personas

  • Competition & What Makes You Unique 

  • Building Your Brand Story

  • Becoming Magnetic: Infusing Your Brand into Everything


What is a brand?

A brand is "...a person's gut feeling about a product, service, or company." 

- Marty Neumeier, The Brand Gap


The beauty of investing in brand strategy is that you get to make a plan for your brand and intentionally shape other's gut feelings and influence those perceptions that people have about your company! 

Are you a business owner who wants to:

Attract, connect and work with dream clients?

These are the clients that remind you how much you love what you do. They want what you have and value you as the expert—and you know you can serve them well! 

Build a strong foundation for your business to grow from?

Branding influences almost all of your business endeavors. From marketing to advertising to team building, and everything in between—your brand is your foundation! 

Gain clarity in knowing who you truly are as a business?

This is when you get to throw your shoulders back and step forward confidently knowing you have a plan in place to show up authentically and confidently move your business forward.

What's included? 

Group Brand Building Sessions

Co-Working Sessions

Brand Building Workbook

Group Feedback and Support

Plus! Option to upgrade and get 1-1 Support + Bonus Features

Join Be Magnetic

Be Magnetic +

Six Brand Building Sessions

Six Virtual Co-working Sessions

Brand Building Workbook

1-1 Support

Canva Brand Guide Template
Brand Launch Guide PDF

Be Magnetic

Six Brand Building Sessions

Six Virtual Co-working Sessions

Brand Building Workbook


Be Magnetic

Build a magnetic brand by joining a group of like-minded, supportive businesses owners who are ready to gain clarity and confidence in their business branding efforts. Your Be Magnetic experience includes:


  • Six Brand Building Sessions

  • Six Virtual Co-working Sessions

  • Brand Building Workbook


Brand Building Sessions

Each session will be held via Zoom and run 60-90 minutes. I'll cover each topic and then we'll have the opportunity to share individually and ask questions. You'll leave with some takeaways each week to complete in your Brand Building Workbook. 


Virtual Co-working Sessions

Each Friday from 12-1 PM CST, you'll have the option to join a virtual co-working session via Zoom. This is time prioritized for working on your Brand Building Workbook, creating social media content, writing emails or blogs—whatever you want to use the time for —the goal is to be working ON your business. 


Brand Building Workbook

This is where you're going to unpack everything we'll be discussing when it comes to building your brand. A printed copy will be mailed to you. When we are finished, your workbook will act as a brand strategy guide for your business. Looking to amp it up a notch? Check out Be Magnet+ for a Brand Guide Canva Template to be able to plug all of your information into a visually beautiful framework. 

3 Monthly Payments of $400

$1200 Total

Be Magnetic+

If a little more support gives you those warm fuzzy feelings, this package is for you! This includes everything from Be Magnetic, plus amp up your magnetic powers with:


  • 1-1 Support

  • Brand Guide Canva Template 

  • Launch Guide PDF

1-1 Support

You'll get direct access to me throughout the six week course so that you can ask questions, run ideas by me, and collaborate via chat messages, voice memos and/or video messages using the Viber app. Messages will be checked daily and responded to within one business day. 


Brand Guide Template

Get my Brand Guide Canva Template that is customized specifically for the Be Magnetic Brand Building Collective. Update the template with your brand elements and easily drop in all the information you've unpacked during our brand building sessions. A video tutorial showing how to update the template is included. 


Launch Guide

The Launch Guide PDF is a deep dive into building a strategy for launching new brands, services or products. You'll get ideas for the who, what, when and where of launching. Includes a launch planning worksheet! 

​​3 Monthly Payments of $600

$1800 Total


"Melissa is fabulous at what she does. Her process is thoughtful, professional and intentional. She works with you to get to the heart and soul of your business..."

Lisa Thruston, Brand Strategy Client


  • Introductions
    First, we start with introductions. We’ll want to discuss where you’re at now, what your vision and goals are, identify what’s lacking, and determine if we’re a good fit for each other. From there, we’ll develop a custom proposal based on our communications and set up a project kick off (which is the first celebration!) Investment All of our projects start with Brand Strategy as the foundation and most of our clients invest between $3,500 - $10,000, although there are outliers on each side of that range.
  • Brand Strategy
    Our brand strategy session happens as our first order of official business. We are going to get down to the nitty-gritty with an in-depth questionnaire that helps us understand all facets of who you are. I'll compile our strategy session and provide your custom brand strategy presentation alongside a PDF guide that details all aspects of your brand; from design direction to your brand voice and everything in between.
  • Visual Identity
    Next up is our visual design component. Again, keeping strategy at the forefront, we’ll begin creating your logo concepts. We are a one concept studio to allow for the strongest possible creative solution for your brand. Easy peasy. Was that a gasp? Don’t freak out! We still work through tons of concepts internally and lean into our role as the Creative Director to drill down to the very best concept. This means that we’re going to make sure that the concept fits the intention and aligns with what we established together during your brand strategy phase.
  • Refinements
    Because we know that the design needs to be perfectly aligned with your strategy and audience, we provide two rounds of refinement. In some cases (most, to be honest), there aren’t any refinements that need to be made and that is perfectly okay! That happens often because we spend so much time on the front end ensuring that we’ve fine tuned every aspect of your brand.
  • Collateral + Web Design
    Collateral design is the next step in our process and it's a really fun one! Once the logo and visual elements are finalized, we’ll build out any other print or digital pieces that are included as part of your custom package. We LOVE beautifully crafted designs and know that our customers do, too! We can provide quotes for printing upon request. For those that chose a custom website with their package, this is usually the time when we kickstart that phase of the process!
  • Launch
    Hold on because it is GO TIME! Once everything has been approved, Branch will provide you with all of your logo and design files along with an in-depth Brand Guide to help you stay on track and ON BRAND (consistency, remember?) Voilà! It’s now time to introduce your brand to the world!

Feeling Curious?

Check out the answers below to some commonly asked questions, or feel free to drop me a line.

Oh hey there!

My name is Melissa and I will be your Brand Building Guide for the duration of our six weeks together. I have over 15 years of branding and design wisdom that I can't wait to share with you. It is my passion to work with businesses to help them tell their story, gain clarity and confidence in their brand, and become a magnet for success.

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