Simply having a website isn’t enough. With the help of our expertise, launch a site that incorporates your brand strategy using insight, knowledge, and your unique business identity.


Websites are labor intensive for a reason. You have just a few seconds to create a connection with your preferred market that will persuade them to stay on versus bounce. Branch Creative helps to define and amplify who you are and builds an effective website to create interest from your target audience.


What is included? 

Like logos, our websites are rooted in strategy. Each project is very different and unique, but for starters our websites always include: 

+ Wireframes

+ Desktop & Mobile Formatting

+ Custom Page Designs

+ Contact Form

+ Hosting & Domain

+ Basic SEO

Why do it? 

By developing and launching a website that is rooted in strategy and aesthetically gorgeous, your business essentially creates an ‘online marketing department’ that can:


+ Build industry credibility

+ Provide information, products, or services

+ Expand brand visibility

+ Generate leads

+ Establish brand loyalty

+ Increase sales


- featured -


Through our initial strategy meeting, we discovered that Seykora Remodeling's target audience books them for high end home remodels. As a result, we knew speaking to this client base through design and imagery was a must!


How much does a website cost?

Because each client's needs and goals are different, one size website does not fit all. All of our projects start with strategy as the foundation and most of our clients invest between $5,500 - $10,000 for website design, although there are outliers on each side of that range. We will take the time to discuss your needs and your goals to get a better understanding of how we can serve you and if we are the right fit for the job. Web design estimates are provided on an individual basis, please contact us.

How long will it take?

While each website is very different, most small business websites have taken an average of 6-8 weeks from start to launch.

How are the websites built?

We use the Wix managed platform for our websites. While we have experience with other platforms, this software has provided us with the most creative flexibility while allowing the ability to make updates as needed - no coding necessary - which our clients have loved!

Who owns the website?

All of our clients own their website. You will be required to provide your own domain and hosting accounts — don't worry, this is not as complicated as it sounds and we are totally there for you every step of the way! In the rare event that we should part ways, you will have full control over your website and will not be held hostage. We believe this is the right way to do business.

What happens after the website is launched?

Because our websites require no coding, some clients choose to take the reins and maintain their website on their own. But we know you are busy and have a company to run. That is why we are happy to help with implementing any site updates post-launch. These may be billed per project as needed, or we would be happy to setup a monthly retainer model if there are consistent updates to be made on a reoccurring basis.

What about SEO and digital marketing?

We run the Wix SEO Wizard on all of our client's websites. This provides basic search engine optimization on all of your pages to make sure you are able to be found online. For advanced or in-depth SEO and digital marketing strategies, we suggest working with the experts! If this is something you are interesed in, we'd be happy to connect you with one of our preferred partners.

I have a logo. Can you just build my website?

While we prefer to start all of our projects with brand strategy and visual identity, we realize that this is not always needed prior to building a new website. If you have a solid foundation for your branding and design, please contact us to discuss details and to determine if your project is a good fit.