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The Story of Branch

Welcome to the first edition of the Branch Creative Co. blog! We're hoping to create a space on our little corner of the internet to share some fun information about us, and everything design related that inspires and brings smiles to our faces. We truly love what we do here at Branch, and we're so happy to have you be a part of it!

To kick things off- we want to introduce our founder and fearless leader, Melissa! Melissa started her journey into the graphic design freelance world in 2009 when she launched M.Heckel Design. As her family started to grow, Melissa appreciated the aspect of freedom in her work more and more. By 2014, her freelance work had been built into a full-time business and career, and her family had grown to 4 (with two beautiful daughters).

In 2019, M.Heckel Design rebranded into Branch Creative Co. This change of name reflected the nature of Melissa's business: to become an extension, or BRANCH, of a team's marketing efforts. Her graphic design services continuously grew and evolved to best serve the various businesses seeking help with their online and print needs. Melissa continues her role as designer, on top of all of the other hats that a business owner wears- including leading a team of five! Branch now consists of three more designers, Sydney, Andrea and Derek, and a Business Development Director, Jen. Each member brings a unique approach to their work, which translates to our clients getting 4x the expertise!

The team that Melissa has created works to grow client relationships that are built on trust. If we are going to be an extension of your company, you better believe we are going to act like it! We do this through effective communications, prioritizing accuracy, and of course — reliability. Our clients always know where they stand in our process. Melissa has set the standard for top notch service from the very beginning, which is what has carried her business successfully through over ten years of work.

Now that we've set the stage for how we got here- let's look forward! How can we work together? If your company or marketing team has graphic design needs, we offer print design, web design, logos, and printing services. We truly desire to help you carry your brand out in to the real world, so let's talk about how we can get to work!


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