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Does your brand feel "itchy"?

As a designer and brand strategist, I often get asked the question: "How do you know when it's time for a rebrand?"

I, too, have been asking myself this question for my own company.

Most likely, you can feel it and maybe you can see it as well. As you read your website, talk to potential clients, or look at your brand collateral—it just doesn't feel like you.

It's like that once favorite, really worn-in sweater and now it suddenly feels a little..."itchy."

In all honesty, that is how I have been feeling in my business lately. Branch is shifting and growing in new ways, and my vision for my brand is taking a different shape, but that shape really felt more like an "amorphous blob" for a long time.

Hello Brand Strategy!

I recently sat down and put myself through my own brand strategy session. I often walk clients through this process, so it's a little different to put myself in the hot seat. I probably delayed this longer than I should have, because it is a lot of freaking work. You really get to dig deep, focus on your vision, think nitty gritty details, think big audacious future, and do a little soul searching.

It is an investment of time and resources, but it is SO good for the business (and the human being behind the business) to do this from time to time.

Wait, what...from time to time?

Yes! Your business is a living, breathing entity - just like you. Things change and shift over time, so it is important to check in once in a while or whenever you feel that shift happening. Reviewing your brand strategy is a great way to make sure everything is still in alignment. You can make sure that your vision and mission matches your voice and is truly speaking to and connecting with your ideal customer.

So you reviewed your brand strategy, then what?

After you've reviewed and updated your brand strategy - now you can hold that up against your visuals. Do your visuals (logo, website, print collateral, social graphics, copy, and so on) align with your renewed brand? Maybe it does, but maybe that could now use a refresh too.

I learned a lot through re-visiting my own brand strategy. I have felt a shift in the works for a long time, and now I can see it clear as day on paper.

What I Learned

The more I learn about the brand process, the more I want to be able to share it with others and guide other business owners so that they can get clear on the who, what, where, why (the heart and soul—the story) of their brand. I want business owners to have that deeper connection with themselves and their ideal (dream) customers. I want to help them be successful - because "helping businesses" is one of the "why's" that I uncovered during my own brand strategy.

What is Changing

So with this renewed direction, I have decided that the services Branch offers are going to be anchored in brand strategy. We are now a "strategy first" studio. We've always had some strategy involved, and I've never just made stuff "for the hell of it." The difference is that I now have a full blown process in place for my clients that puts brand strategy at the forefront.

This also means you'll be seeing a lot more about branding as a whole - including brand strategy and visual design. I'll be changing up my own brand visuals, copy, and overall messaging and it is SO exciting! I can't wait to share it with you soon!

If it's been a while since you have had a brand refresh, that's a-okay! Simply fill out our inquiry form - and then let's chat to see how we can help you.


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