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How To: Writing Reviews That Will Actually Help a Business

We all know that word of mouth, testimonials and reviews are essential to business growth. But did you know that all reviews are not inherently valuable? Here are three quick tips for writing effective reviews that will actually help a company in a very positive way:

DO: Include Key Words

  • Simply raving about a business isn't bad, but be sure to mention the specific services or products that you used. Incorporating these key words will help the business rank higher in online search results.

  • If the business has a local audience, include the geographic location as well for good measure!

DON'T: Ramble On

  • People have zero attention span and tend to scan large amounts of copy. Keep it brief and get to the point.

DO: Post Reviews On Multiple Platforms

  • Whether it's Google, Facebook, Yelp (or wherever reviews can be posted), copy your review across multiple platforms so that more people will see the good things you have to say. The more reviews a company has, the more credibility they will have with potential customers who are seeking them out.

Have we worked together?

I would be so grateful if you left a review on Google and/or Facebook. Please include key words that are relevant to the work we completed together. Here are a few to consider:

  • brand strategy

  • logo design

  • graphic design

  • web design

  • Sioux Falls

  • Midwest

What businesses have you worked with recently?

I challenge you to take just a few minutes to leave them an effective review today using these three tips. I promise, they'll be so grateful that you did and it just may be the boost their business needed!

Worth a mention! I learned all of this from Mychelle of Firelink Digital Marketing. Hit her up if you're looking for a master of SEO and digital marketing strategies!


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