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Is Your Photo Worth 1,000 Words?

In a recent video, we posed a question regarding your picture selection: how do you decide which photos to use for your marketing materials? Do you know exactly which picture to choose for the homepage of your website or the front of your new brochure? A lot of times, we see businesses that default to photos of their building. While your building may be beautiful, is it actually portraying your brand message on your materials?

Unless your location is an integral part of your brand, your customers are not likely seeking you out because of your building. A more likely situation is that your customer has a problem and you have the solution! What kind of photography can be used to show how you can fix their problem? This may be photos portraying the end result of working with you, or photos that represent the feeling that they may get from your products or services.

For example, a client seeking out a CPA is looking for peace of mind. The photos on your marketing materials can get the message across that you are there to help them through a particularly stressful time, bringing them to a place of ease and confidence. This will help ensure that they feel ready to move forward with seeking your services. That is why we have marketing materials, after all!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to what photos to choose. Staying true to your brand and your vision can help you to narrow down which photos to use by keeping your customer's needs at the top of mind. Your photos can be a truly simple way of getting this through at first glance!


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