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The Top 3 Things to Consider When Building Your Brand

I've said it before and I'll say it over and over again (broken record, anyone!?)…your logo is not your brand. Here are three things to consider beyond your logo if you want to build a solid brand:

1. Target Audience:

Who is your product or service for? Knowing exactly who you are speaking to allows you to refine how you speak to them. For example, Vans (a shoe and apparel company) has built its brand around appealing to misfits and rebels, which has allowed the company to build a very strong brand loyalty amongst its young and edgy customers.

2. Brand Personality:

If your company was a person, what would its personality be? Is it oozing with positive, sunny vibes, is it suave and sophisticated, is it quirky or snarky? The Apple brand personality is all about lifestyle, imagination, and innovation, targeting those who value being ahead of the curve.

3. Messaging:

What is the message that you want your brand to share with the world?

Nike speaks to the dedication and passion as it relates to athletic performance. Their tagline “Just Do It” is so simple and yet so expressively celebrates the drive and determination that embodies athletes worldwide.

There is so much that encompasses a full brand strategy, but these simple tips give you a great starting point. Take the time to think through the answers to these questions thoughtfully, and with your mission and values always in mind. At Branch, we love developing strategy that will utilize these components to help effectively build your brand. Of course you can always go it alone, but it's so much more effective and impactful to have a professional at your side to guide you through this process.

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