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A Strategy-First Approach to Web Design

When Ryan of Salig Publishing Group approached me, he had a business name, logo, fonts, and a color palette. But, there was no established strategy for his brand. We took the time to dive deep into his brand to provide a full brand strategy along with a refined color palette. Then once his brand was established, we moved into website strategy and design.

Now, he doesn’t just have a shiny logo and pretty website. He has a full, in-depth strategy to help attract the right people and projects to his new business and a website that was built with a purpose. <<chef’s kiss>>

During his brand strategy session, we defined all aspects of his brand, including:

  • Brand Overview

  • Brand Story

  • Founder's Story

  • Brand Essence

  • Market Analysis

  • Market Fit

  • Target Market Overview

  • Customer Personas

  • Customer Values

  • Competitor Overview

  • Brand Values

  • Brand Voice

  • Brand Vision

  • Brand Mission

From there, we refined his color palette and curated a mood board to establish the overall visual direction for his brand.

Once we built a solid foundation for the Salig brand, we jumped into website design. We created a site that speaks directly to Ryan's ideal clients who are seeking help with how to begin writing a book. We included Ryan's story, information about his services, samples of previous work, publishing information and a contact form.

Everything fell into place seamlessly because we started with the basics and did the work upfront to establish a solid brand strategy.


To learn more about Salig Publishing Group, visit

If you are looking to establish a solid foundation for your brand, let's chat! Contact me for a free call to learn how we can help you elevate your brand and your confidence as a business owner.


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