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Do You Need a Design Day?

Hiring a graphic designer can sometimes feel daunting, overwhelming, or maybe out of budget for your business (more on that here). But in reality, every business has design needs from time to time, if not every single day.

From pint design to web design, there are a whole host of design needs that a business may have. And if you're a small business, chances are that is just another hat you get to wear. And let's be honest, not all hats are a good fit.

If design isn't in your zone of genius, then it probably gets pushed to the back burner. Those to-do lists and sticky notes can really begin to accumulate over time.

If you have a laundry list of design tasks, then a Design Day may be just what you need!

Wait, What is This Design Day You Speak Of?!

I don't really talk about these much, but it's a service I love to offer small businesses! A Design Day is when you get to book me, the designer, for an entire day or a half day, depending on how big that list is—for one flat rate. We'll do some prep work ahead of time so that when your day comes, we can hit the ground running and crank out as much work as possible. I'll send you updates throughout the day, and at the end of the day I'll send you all the files. Your to-do list will be ta-done!

Can I Really Do This?

Yes! And it is really, really fun too! I recently completed a Design Day for The Paisley Pod, a local boutique who just needed to clean up her brand's visual elements - including:

  • color palette

  • social media templates

  • email templates

  • a few print pieces

  • web design audit

If your to-do list includes design-y things like...

  • social media templates

  • email graphics

  • mailers

  • print ads

  • digital ads

  • branded stationery

  • brochures

  • flyers

  • postcards

  • business cards

  • rack cards

  • stickers

....let's chat! I am currently booking Design Days for January 2022. Let's get that to-do list taken care of so you can get your year off to a beautiful start with fresh designs and a clean slate.

I only book a limited number per month, so don't hesitate to reach out to see if this might be a good fit for your business!


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