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Podcast Feature: What You Need to Know Before Your Next Launch with Melissa Heckel

I was recently blessed with an opportunity to sit down with Maddie Peschong and record an episode for her Take it Personally podcast. We had a great conversation about what you need to consider when planning to launch—whether that's a new brand or a new product or service in your business.

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Click below to tune in, or click here visit Maddie's website.

In a hurry?

Below is a copy of the show notes.

Melissa owns Branch Creative Co., where she offers brand and design services. Melissa is a great friend, and we have worked together on projects in the past. Melissa has great insight on launching as she assists her clients with this and is preparing for a launch of her own soon.

After last week’s episode about my Rebrand launch, I thought it would be great to have Melissa come on and share important things to keep in mind when you are preparing to launch something in your business. Here are the main things we discussed:

  • How a launch plan often gets forgotten about

  • Ways to start sharing about your upcoming launch

  • Sharing some behind the scenes throughout the different phases of the process (i.e. first proofs of your new logo design)

  • Working backwards to form your launch plan

  • Building your email list and audience in between launches

  • Showing up where your audience is hanging out

  • Thinking about your customer’s pain points and how your service/product helps solve those challenges

  • Melissa’s new project she is launching soon

A few highlights from this episode:

  • [5:15] – The best time to start your launch plan is the day you start your project.

  • [9:09] – Planning ahead gives you so much more opportunity, so much more flexibility, and so many more options.

  • [15:42] – Niching down and making sure that your messaging and your positioning is really dialed in is just going to make everything so much more clear.

Check out Melissa’s Be Magnetic program, and use the code maddiepeschong for a discount when enrolling!


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