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A Brutiful Year: The Highs and Lows of 2021

Bring it 2022 💪 This past year was the most transformative year for this business since I first launched 12 years ago. At the beginning of 2021, deep in grief from a sudden and unexpected loss of a family member, I also lost two of my biggest clients. They hired full time designers/marketers to their teams. Lastly, the team member I relied on the most took a full time job. I've never felt more gutted...right to the core, from the inside out.

Heading into the second quarter (by the grace of God), I found a coach who (without knowing it) helped pull me out of the depression and anxiety (still currently working on the grief thing) and I was able to re-imagine my business in a way that I never thought was possible. I now get to work with clients on a much deeper level—discovering their purpose and passion and rooting my business in Brand Strategy. And the icing on the cake is when I get to bring it all to life through logo design, print design and web design. ✨

The High Point

Even through the set backs, my business experienced a 20% growth and I've never been more happy with where Branch is headed.

THANK YOU to the ones who impacted my year in such a big way...Lydia and crew, Andrea, Alesha, Chrystal, family and last but not least the clients who put so much trust in Branch.

Today I lift my glass and toast you all (we made it and there is so much more goodness to come!) and cheers to the pure grit and group effort it took to come out ahead in one of the most personally challenging years yet. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And if you've read this far and can relate (maybe you're currently in the depth of your own struggles) ...just know that it gets better, and you'll find your way. It takes time, maybe some refocus and pivoting, and a lot of grace. Happy New Year!


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