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Campaign Branding: Place of Grace

Working on projects that set my heart on fire is one of the biggest highlights of what I do. The Furniture Mission of South Dakota is in its final push for their Community Campaign to raise funding for a new building that will be built on the Empower Campus in Sioux Falls. But before they could launch the campaign, they needed a name and some branding!

The Mission

Simply put, the Furniture Mission provides those in need with gently used furniture and household items.

But it goes beyond just furniture. A comfortable home provides dignity, security and a better environment in which to raise a family. Just think of all the love and connection that is fostered around your dinner table. Or how good it feels to sink into your comfy bed at night. Or how warm your heart feels as you safely tuck your children into their beds and wish them sweet dreams.

As a mother, this organization tugs at my heart strings. In the past two years, Branch Creative has made a donation to the Furniture Mission in honor of our clients in lieu of physical holiday gifts. They are one of Sioux Falls' best-kept secrets that I hope gains some much-needed and much-deserved visibility as they set out to grow and expand their impact in our community in big ways.

Creating the Campaign Visuals

Branch Creative helped in the early stages of brainstorming names for the campaign. We went through dozens and dozens of ideas. Their Executive Director ultimately landed on the perfect name: Place of Grace Community Campaign.

The tagline of "Give. Grow. Empower." was curated to expand upon what this campaign is needing (people to give), why they are doing the campaign (to grow their organization) and what the campaign will do (empower families—it's also a nod to their future location on the Empower Campus).

We then got to work building out the visuals:

Behind the Design

The visuals for the campaign had to stay in alignment with the original branding for the Furniture Mission for brand consistency. The logos really needed to look cohesive when used side by side. We incorporated the original fonts, the teal and grey colors, as well as intentionally carrying over the use of the heart. We built off of their foundation and took it a step further by incorporating the house, yellow and pink colors to expand the brand and amp up the warm cozy feelings, along with various textures and imagery.

Horizontal and vertical logo orientations alongside the original Furniture Mission logo.

Support the Campaign

If you feel called to give to the Place of Grace campaign, click here to get more details and conveniently donate online!


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