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Design Day: Rise Up and Shine Bright

Earlier this year I teamed up with another brand strategist in the area to help build a brand for a mutual friend's new business. There is something about a spirit of collaboration that I just love!

Rise Skin Studio is a new business in town that provides paramedical tattooing most specifically for women who are breast cancer survivors. Krissy, an RN and medical tattoo artist, specializes in helping women feel confident and beautiful in their skin again by providing areola tattooing. And it's not your average tattoo, Krissy uses her artistry to create life-like 3D areola tattoos.

After I helped to design her custom logo, she reached out to book a Design Day to create a couple of print pieces for her to use as a leave behind in clinics and other medical offices in order to get the word out about her new services.

After chatting through her needs, we determined that a half day would be a great fit for creating a business card and a rack card using her beautiful new visual brand elements, colors and fonts.

rise skin studio business card and rack card front sides shown on neutral background
rise skin studio business card and rack card back sides shown on neutral background

Business Cards

Because her service is so incredibly personal, Krissy wanted to put a face to a name by having her photo on the back of her cards. For certain businesses, a photo makes a lot of sense, and hers is definitely one of those businesses.

Rack Cards

Along with contact information, Krissy wanted to give potential patience a glimpse of what it would look like to work with her for their areola tattoo appointment, to inform them and also help put them at ease about the process. The back of the card provides a step-by-step run down of what the patient can expect after they contact her.

"...and just like the sun, she will rise again."

Before the Design Day: A Look Behind the Brand

Taking a step back, I wanted to also share a little bit behind the design of this brand. The font chosen features tall and condensed letters in order to give that elevated look to the word "Rise" and the letters themselves were slightly tweaked to give it a more custom look.

rise skin studio logo on light bronze shadowed background

The colors are calm and earthy and warm and welcoming. The women that Krissy will be working with have been through something that is scary and probably traumatizing. They have fought to be where they are today, and Krissy wanted to honor that by creating a brand (and an office space-which is an extension of her brand) where they feel totally at ease and safe.

rise skin studio brand color palette with psychology descriptions

The sun has multiple meanings. The obvious is that it plays off of the word "rise" but it is also in the shape of an areola. What once was missing and a reminder of a past struggle, can now become a bright reminder of how much they have overcome in their journey.

rise skin studio brand icon showing three stylized suns


Do You Need a Day?

Have a growing list of design tasks that you are ready to get taken care of? Click here to learn more about Design Days, or contact me today to request a call to learn more and get the process started!

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