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Expand Your Brand with a Design Day

Unpacking your brand strategy and creating a logo are just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to your brand. There are so many additional collateral pieces that can be designed for a polished and cohesive visual identity. They might not need it right away when they launch, but most businesses have very diverse design needs that come up from time to time—this can include business cards, social media templates and everything in between.

The Solution

I was recently blessed to get to work with Marysa of Uprise Pelvic Health to build out her brand and visual identity. Fast forward a few months, and she was in need of some additional collateral pieces to help expand her brand and maintain consistency. She had grown a list of design tasks which fit perfectly into a half design day.

uprise pelvic health branded stationery

We determined ahead of time that Marysa needed:

  • Business cards

  • Letterhead

  • Circle stickers

  • Product sample label

  • Tablecloth

  • Notecards

  • Window sticker

Because I built her brand ealier in the year, I already had everything I needed to hit the ground running. We started the day at 8:30 in the morning and I sent her proofs for approval as I completed each task. All was completed by 12:30, and I used some of her post-day support time to get everything sent to print.

Each Design Day includes post-day support to allow time for questions, tutorials, last minute edits or to send things to print. Full days get one hour of support, while half days get a half hour of support.

uprise pelvic health branded business cards

Already have a brand?

Awesome! If you already have an established brand that was created by someone else that is a-okay. A Design Day can still be very beneficial. The more resources you can provide (including logo files, fonts, brand colors, and more) the better I'll be able to create designs that are consistent and on brand for your company.

uprise pelvic health branded notecard

Click here for additional information about design days.

Have a list of design tasks you'd like to tackle?

The next step is to fill out my contact form and I'll reach out about scheduling an intro call to go over the design tasks on your list. I'd love to help you knock those out in a day!


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