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New Growth, Fresh Starts, Clean Slates

In the spring, we come out of our winter hibernation and put our eyes up to sun, looking for signs of new life and growth all around us. This is why we usually get into "spring cleaning" mode, cleaning off the dust of winter, decluttering, and sprucing up our surroundings.

But what about your marketing materials?

Spring is a great time to go back and review your anything that your brand has put out into the world. There is probably some room to update your marketing materials. Should some of it be tossed out because it is not in line with your brand voice and mission? What is missing that still needs to be created in order to effectively reach your ideal clients?

Take the time to look at the following items that need a spring cleaning check this season:

When reviewing these items, be sure to tidy up any:

- imagery (check out this post about choosing photos!)

- copy

- contact information

- contact forms

- product details or services offerings

- branded templates

- graphics

- colors

Phew! Got it all?! We know it can be a lot. If you find that your materials are in need of a spruce up, we're here to help lighten the load so you can jump into spring with ease knowing you have a well polished, put together and most importantly, effective brand! 🌷🌈☀


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