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Nourish Your Business with Strategic Branding

When it comes to branding and your health, it's all about finding the right balance to ensure consistency and steady growth.

Between strength training and mom life, Terasa, the owner of Nourish & Lift, is also focused on growing her nutrition and fitness coaching business. Cue a new brand project!

Nourish & Lift’s purpose is to teach women how to live healthy for the rest of their life and that they can, indeed, have an enjoyable lifestyle—free from the cycle of guilt, judgment, and shame.

Terasa is driven to help women, through health and wellness coaching, to show up as the moms and wives they crave to be. Because when mom’s cup is full, she can pour so much more into others around her.

Brand Essence

During our brand strategy session, we focused on building Terasa's brand story, values, brand voice, target audience and so much more. Brand keywords are a great way to get to the "essence" of a brand. For Nourish & Lift, those keywords included:

  • Freedom

  • Health

  • Wellness

  • Educational

  • Relatable

  • Trusted Resource

  • Customized Lifestyle

Project Details

We provided Nourish & Lift with a full suite of branding and design collateral:

Behind the Design

We leaned into the “lifestyle” brand keyword to create a brand that evokes feelings of luxury, exclusivity, a custom experience, uniqueness, wellness, balance and belonging.

The diamond icon is a small but powerful part of the new brand identity. While it carries a lot of psychological and spiritual meanings, some say the diamond symbolism conveys messages of rebirth, revival, and transformation—bettering ourselves through proactive change. Geometric shapes with curves are softer and represent connection and community.

All three icons, including the dumbell and the customized capital letter 'N' carry over the diamond shape. Icons are a fun way to add a lot of depth and variety to a brand's image.

The fonts selected are modern and classy, yet welcoming and approachable. The ligature

between the R and the I symbolizes connection, while the upward shape is a nod to the word “lift”.

Secondary Logo

When clients work with us for a full branding experience, we almost always will include a secondary logo mark. The secondary logo for Nourish & Lift incorporates the mentioned diamond shape within the stem of the 'N' for a custom element of surprise and delight.

Secondary logos are an alternative expression of a brand's primary logo. It's intended to be used as a secondary element in collateral pieces where the brand's primary logo may have already been used.

Brand Taglines

The Nourish taglines bring in a casual, yet polished, script font. It resembles handwriting for a personalized touch—making the brand feel more “human” and relatable.

Like icons, brand tagline graphics are used to elevate a visual identity and compliment the look of the primary and secondary logos.

Brand Patterns

The icons created for Nourish & Lift's visual identity lent themselves to become a beautiful pattern for the brand. Patterns are great for implementing across a variety of different collateral pieces. They can be used on the back of a letterhead or in the inside flap of an envelope for a brand that feels elevated, where every detail was accounted for.

Color Theory

The color palette for Nourish & Lift is bold and elegant. The primary colors are forest, mint and natural with the two warmer colors, sunset and rosewood, being used very sparingly as subtle accent colors within the brand. During the brand strategy phase, we don't just pick colors we like.

We always research the psychology behind the colors to make sure that the impact they will have on our emotions aligns with the brand:

  • Forest: relaxing, nature, richness

  • Mint: wellness, tranquility, growth

  • Sunset: warm, inviting, positive

  • Rosewood: power, ambition, sophistication

  • Natural: calm, relaxing, dependable

Beyond the Logo

Once the logos and all visual elements were established, we created a variety of collateral pieces to ensure a consistent experience across all customer touch points.


To learn more about Nourish & Lift and the services Terasa offers, give her a follow at

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