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Wellness: Inside and Out

When The Wellness Collective reached out about a rebrand I was so excited to dive in and learn their story! They have such a unique and interesting business model unlike any business in our city. Their physical location has a sense of peace and calm, and I knew that it would be imperative to capture that essence in their new visual identity.

Brand Keywords:

  • Healing

  • Wellness

  • Collaborative

  • Wholistic

  • Professional

  • Compassionate

  • Gentle

  • Hope

  • Thriving


watercolor marks with brand strategy statement
the wellness collective visuals and graphics

the wellness collective color palette

Visual Identity

The Wellness Collective walks the line of having a spa-like serene look, but many of their services are clinical. Through our brand strategy discussion, we decided that the logo should approach this from both sides to avoid looking like they are just a luxury spa.

The deep charcoal/navy color and clean sans serif font represent the clinical side, while the soft putty gray and chalky pink colors are paired with an upscale script font. This combination creates a very professional, high end look that speaks to both their professional services like counseling and therapy, as well as their more spa-like or therapeutic services like massage.

The organic leaf shape is a nod to their holistic approach to personal healing and growth. It is used in their logo as well as being a stand alone element.

the wellness collective blue logo sign on brown wood wall


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