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Branding with Grace + Grit

Sometimes people come into your life and you know that they are who you needed at the exact right time you needed them! Cassie, the owner and designer of Made With Grace + Grit, attended a networking meeting that I was at and I just knew I had to introduce myself to her!

I had been thinking about redoing my office for a while, but had a severe case of "Pinterest paralysis." You know, that moment when you have so many design ideas that you love and you just have no idea which direction to go, or where to even start?

We met for coffee and our personalities just clicked! Her brand story and business journey are so similar to my own. She also shared that she had been thinking about rebranding her business. She was feeling that shift as her business was growing and she was in the early stages of adding to her team. It was the perfect time for a rebrand, and she was ready to invest the time and resources to get to the core of her business and build a brand that truly reflects who she is and speaks to her ideal clientele.

It was such a fun journey to bring Cassie's brand vision to life through:

Brand Story

Made with Grace + Grit started out as a blog to help others create beautiful spaces in their own homes. In a very short time, it has grown to a full scale business serving clients across the Sioux Falls area. From a full remodel to a room refresh, Cassie provides interior design services with her graceful eye for design paired with the grit of hard work to make it all come together.

Made with Grace + Grit provides busy families with peace of mind, calming their decision

fatigue (that sneaky Pinterest paralysis!) and curates beautiful, practical spaces to live in with comfort and confidence.

Visual Direction

Made with Grace + Grit is a brand that is stylish and trendy, yet calming and soothing. Her brand colors needed to be neutral so that they wouldn't clash when being presented next to style boards that had splashes of colorful elements that would be used in the paint colors and decor of her clients' homes.

Her brand font selection highlights the juxtaposition between the elegant swashes of the word 'grace' and the simple, sturdiness of the sans serif lettering of the word 'grit'.

The brand concept needed to be elegant and refined, just like Cassie's interior design aesthetic, and be a reflection her brand essence, which is:

  • creative

  • professional

  • authentic

  • empathetic

  • collaborative

  • transformational

  • educational

  • fun

We created a logo that is simple, refined and elegant. It is neutral in its color and style so it can be shown beautifully next to many other elements in print and on the web, and still shine.

made with grace and grit business card

Color Strategy

Cassie's colors are very calm and neutral, but there is so much beauty to be found in simplicity! The colors also remind me of the textures she uses in her interior designs, which is something that her ideal clients can relate to and that can draw them in to learn more about her services.

made with grace and grit brand palette

Her Work in Action

So the best part of becoming friends with an interior designer?! I also got to hire her to design my office! Cassie is so incredibly talented at what she does! She has such a heart for making homes beautiful and functional. She took my office from "blah" to "are you kidding me, this is my office?!" . Every little detail was curated and thought out. It's rich and moody, yet warm and inviting.

Take a look a the design she created for my office. I'm over the moon in love with my new space!

I have so much more to share about my office project, but I'll save that for another blog post! The transformation was just the cherry on top of a year of transforming my entire business from the inside out.

Ready for a change?

If you are looking for someone to help you transform your home—an entire home, a room, an office—Cassie is the person you are missing in your life! Check her out to learn more about her interior design services and her process.


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