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Branding and Design Meets Fintech

I started this brand project more than six years ago when I was first contacted to create a logo for Benaiah Co., a fintech company who at the time was focused on serving the insurance industry. Fast forward to today, with the explosive growth of cryptocurrency, Benaiah was expanding into the world of digital assets and created a new sub-brand called Benaiah Capital.

It was time to update their brand strategy, revisit their old visual identity, and build out a look for the new sub-brand.

Essence of the Brand

We took the time to dive deep into Benaiah's brand. We unpacked their story, their values, brand voice, target audience and more. One of my favorite parts of the brand strategy phase is uncovering a brand's keywords. For Benaiah, their keywords included:

  • Serving

  • Trusted

  • Strategic

  • Protector

  • Bold

  • Innovative

Stepping Into a New Look

I don't typically show old versions of company logos when I do a rebrand. It doesn't feel right to publicly cast shade on someone's else's work. However, this is one that I created six years ago. I don't think it's a terrible logo by any means, but I'm so proud of the progression of our work. It shows the impact that having a solid brand strategy process can have for the companies we work with.

To refine the logo, we added detail to the lion's mane, elongated the face to give it a stronger and more authoritative look, and filled it in with solid blue behind the white face to give it a cleaner look overall. We also expanded the spacing between the letters which makes it easier to read at a smaller scale or from a distance.

Through this process we also got to create visuals for their family of brands underneath the Benaiah umbrella. This included logos for Benaiah Management and Benaiah Capital. They needed to look different, but yet similar so that people could quickly know that they are part of the Benaiah family.

Benaiah Capital's mission is to simplify and bring investors into the world of digital assets, while Benaiah Management's goal is to engage innovative insurance technology and communication strategies to relieve the tensions between carriers and independent agents. Honestly, a lot of this stuff is over my head but their team was so good at explaining what they do as we worked through this project. They are true experts in their field!

Project Details

We provided Benaiah with a full suite of branding, collateral, and web design services:

Behind the Design

In approaching the visual identity for Benaiah Co. and it’s sub-brands, we wanted to build off of what was previously created but with a touch of refinement.

The lion remains a key component to the brand as a nod to the biblical reference of Benaiah in the Bible. Navy blue and gold colors stayed central to the visual identity of Benaiah Co, Benaiah Management and Benaiah Capital for a unified look.

The ultimate goal for all three logo sets was to embody a professional, high end, and appealing look to attract their ideal customers who are mostly high net worth individuals.

Color Theory

Their brand color palette features four primary colors and three secondary colors. Each color chosen aligns with how they want their customers to perceive their brand or how they want their customers to feel when they interact with their brand.

Beyond the Logo

Once the logos were established we created a suite of print materials and two separate websites to ensure a consistent experience across all customer touch points.

To learn more about Benaiah Co. and its family of fintech companies, check out their website at or


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