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A Brand that Connects Buyers and Sellers

Once in a while a client comes along that is almost too good to be true, but working with Dave of Earth Equipment was the real deal. He fully understood the importance of brand strategy and trusted us as his partner in branding from day one—and the results are proof!

Earth Equipment is based in the Denver, CO area and offers brokering services for construction companies worldwide who are looking to sell their used equipment. It provides construction company owners an opportunity to get more money for their assets than any other method of selling. While Earth Equipment is a newly established company, it is backed by almost 20 years of knowledge and experience of the used equipment market.

There are currently three ways for owners to sell their used construction equipment. They can sell it at an auction, take it to a dealer, or sell it on their own time. Earth Equipment’s purpose is to offer construction company owners a fourth option that will provide them with a top dollar return for their assets!

Our Services

We helped them bring Dave's new brand to life through:

Behind the Design

In approaching the visual identity for Earth Equipment, we wanted to create a brand that is very clean, bold with no frills (like his target audience) and pleasing to the eye.

The visual elements incorporate a hexagon shape to tie in the front grill pattern found on most heavy equipment. The angled edges signify movement like how equipment is used to move and change things, and to also indicate how Earth Equipment will move inventory for its customers.

The customized sans serif lettering is strong and bold, yet simplistic. The E in the icon is outlined (knocked out) similar to how excavators/equipment can scoop out and move dirt to create new paths or build new roadways.

Brand Colors

The colors chosen for Earth Equipment are bold and sharp, and reflect the mood, energy and essence of the brand.

Beyond the Logo

As part of a complete approach to building a brand's visual identity, we also created a variety of brand icons, patterns, print materials and a website. We couldn't be happier with how everything turned out and how cohesively it aligned with what we had worked so hard on during the brand strategy phase.

"Melissa does great work and was awesome to work with. She understood my customers and then we created a brand strategy that will speak directly to them. She then created my logo and web design based off of my newly created brand strategy. My brand now has a look and feel that I'm proud to call my own." —Dave Bosanko, Owner of Earth Equipment

Congratulations to Dave on the start of his new venture! For more information about Earth Equipment and the services they offer, check 'em out online.


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