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Brand Strategy Paired with Vintage Personal Style

A lot of times, brand clients will become friends. And sometimes, friends become clients. Ellie Saxer has been a friend of mine for a while. She is a successful business woman who has held leading roles at businesses in complex industries involving healthcare, pharmaceuticals and tech. She's also been growing her own personal business where she offers executive coaching and speaking in order to encourage and support fellow women in business.

Throughout her career, she's attended a lot of conferences and listened to a lot of speakers, and as a result, she has gained a unique perspective and approach to her coaching and speaking style.

She approached me about helping to develop her personal brand in order to have a more established presence for marketing her services. I was over the moon excited, for a variety of reasons—including the fact that she is simply an awesome human. I look up to her and have so much respect for her as a leader and woman in business. She also has a really cool vintage style that is uniquely her and I knew that it would play into creating a really fun and unique brand that sets her apart from anyone else!

Project Details

We provided Ellie with a suite of branding, website design and collateral pieces:

Brand Essence

During our brand strategy session, we focused on clarifying Ellie's brand story, values, voice, industry peers, mission, and market fit. Brand keywords are also a great way to get to the "essence" of a brand. For Ellie, those keywords included:

  • Authentic

  • Professional

  • Fun

  • Critical Thinker

  • Safe

  • Innovative

  • Encouraging

  • Invested

Brand Archetype: Companion

Loyal. Detail oriented. Determination. Practical. Patient.

The companion is a friend and confidante. They can be relied upon to lend a hand, listen without judgment and foster camaraderie, belonging and acceptance. The companion walks alongside others intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

They may challenge tradition, encouraging family, friends and co-workers to explore new ideas and unconventional ways of doing things in pursuit of their highest calling. This archetype enables freedom, expression and achievement in others by being the wind beneath their wings.

What is an "archetype"?

Archetypes bring a human element to business. They are universal qualities, characters and stories that humans (across cultures) can relate to. They bridge the gap between left brain logic and right brain artistry and intuition. They bring meaning and understanding often beyond what words are able to achieve. Read more about archetypes here.

*Archetype descriptions are sourced from Archetypes in Brands by Margaret Pott Hartwell and Joshua C. Chen.

Behind the Design

The visual identity for Ellie Saxer Speaking & Coaching is a playful juxtaposition between the modern power suit and those vintage 1950's vibes. We captured and married elements from two opposite sides of the style spectrum that look equally cohesive and unique.

logo and branding visual elements

...a playful juxtaposition between the modern power suit and those vintage 1950's vibes.

Secondary Logos

Secondary logos are an alternative expression of a brand's primary logo. It's intended to be used as a secondary element in collateral pieces where the brand's primary logo may have already been used.

We created two secondary logo marks for Ellie that incorporate her initials from the primary logo for a unique look that is still consistent and recognizable for her brand.

secondary logo mark

Brand Patterns

The brand patterns allowed us to lean even more into that vintage vibe with classic floral and polka dots that will work great for implementing across a variety of different collateral pieces. They can be used on the back of a letterhead or in the inside flap of an envelope for a brand that feels elevated, where every detail was accounted for.

brand pattern

Color Theory

The color palette for Ellie is bold yet soft with the accenting pinkish coral color. The primary colors are spice and rosy peach with evergeen and soft black being used as secondary accent colors within the brand. As a general rule, we don't just pick colors we like. We always research the psychology behind the colors to make sure that the impact they will have on our emotions aligns with what we establish during the brand strategy phase.

  • Spice: strength, stability, passion

  • Rosy Peach: warmth, comfort, compassion

  • Evergreen: growth, peace, calm

  • Soft Black: stable, mature, intellectual

brand color palette

Brand Photos

I can't stress enough how much professional brand photos can elevate a brand! Ellie was able to give her brand strategy document to her photographer to create a look that was consistent, intentional and in alignment with her overall brand.

Branding Beyond the Logo

Once the logos and all visual elements were established, we created a variety of collateral pieces and a brand new website to ensure a consistent experience anytime someone is seeking out Ellie's speaking or coaching services.


To learn more about Ellie Saxer Speaking + Coaching, check her out at


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