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A Renewed Vision with a New Name

Referrals are the lifeblood of my business, and this new client was a dream to connect with! Alicia was referred to me by a friend that I've known almost my whole life—and getting to know her and her business was so fun and such a blessing!

Alicia's goal was to rename and rebrand her business so that it was in better alignment with the services she offers and the clients she serves. Branch helped her generate name ideas which allowed her to make the switch from South Dakota Babies to her new name: Health Haven Consulting.

Her business is about more than babies, and she wanted to be able to emulate the fact that she provides a safe place, or a gentle haven, for women during the very beautiful and challenging phases of pregnancy and early motherhood. And by taking "babies" out of her business name, she opened the door to be able to expand into other wellness services in the future.

Branch was able to assist her with:

Market Fit

Moms go through a lot of changes and new experiences before and after baby is born. Sometimes childbirth and breastfeeding bring unexpected challenges. This can cause a mother to feel ashamed, alone or overwhelmed. Information overload from friends and other sources can also result in a lack of self trust. Due to our culture, breastfeeding can be portrayed as taboo at times, adding to the mother’s frustrations.

Health Haven Consulting provides support and encouragement to new and expecting moms. She validates their feelings and helps to educate them on what to expect during the birthing process and normalizes breastfeeding and its challenges. Alicia provides a customized approach to helping each individual mother figure out the best plan for her and baby to thrive.

Visual Direction

Health Haven Consulting needed to visually be soft and gentle and a reflection her brand essence, which is:

  • nurturing

  • intuitive

  • educated

  • empathetic.

The font is lightweight, clean and simple with no harsh lines. The icon has multiple meanings, the tree shape shows: protection, a place to rest, or a safe haven. It also points to nature and the natural approaches to health, healing and wellness that Alicia provides. The tree is also in the shape of woman's reproductive system—which is so important and relevant during pregnancy and motherhood.

Primary Logo

Secondary Logo


Color Strategy

Health Haven's colors are soft, gentle and feminine. Each color chosen aligns with her brand and ideal clients that she serves:

The Final Piece

To wrap up this rebranding project, we created a custom pattern using elements of her logos and icons to incorporate as an accent when creating collateral pieces like business cards and the website. These final touches brought it all together so that Alicia could successfully launch her new, intentionally and purposefully created, brand into the world!

Custom Brand Pattern

Website Design

Apparel Design


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