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Architecture Meets Design

Studio 616 is an architecture and interior design firm whose mission is to create personalized spaces for businesses and organizations that inspire, enrich and elevate the human experience through collaborative architecture and interior design services.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me talk about how to bootstrap your brand until you're ready to hire a professional. When a business is not ready to take that step, I will often recommend that they create a simple wordmark logo and a couple colors and running with that as a temporary solution.

Studio 616 did a great job of doing just that. She created a very clean and simple look with a typed out business name using a nice font. This got her by so she could get her feet on the ground until she reached out to me about building her a full brand and visual identity.

Brand Essence

During our brand strategy session, we defined Studio 616's brand story, values, voice, mission, market fit, and so much more. Brand keywords are also a great way to get to the "essence" of a brand. For Studio 616, those keywords included:

  • Commitment

  • Experience

  • Driven

  • Care

  • Educated

  • Passion

Project Details

We provided Studio 616 with a full suite of branding, design and collateral pieces:

Behind the Design

In approaching the visual identity for Studio 616, we aimed for a look that strikes a balance between modern, masculine and feminine.

We did this by creating a primary logo with a sleek sans serif font that is customized to add a unique, elevated look and paired it with a secondary serif font that adds a touch of femininity and refinement.

The custom brand mark is a nod to both architecture and interior design with it’s geometric shapes giving the look of layered swatches or tiles, and a lighter color underneath to give the illusion of depth and texture.

sdbi primary logos in black and bronze

Below is the curated imagery, or mood board, that inspired the design direction.

sdbi mood board

We also created a few secondary logos (shown below) to create depth, variety and ease of use in all applied spaces and environments.

Brand Patterns & Textures

We created two different custom brand patterns for the Studio 616 brand. The first pattern takes a more simplistic and sleek approach utilizing the 'IO" letters from the primary logo.

The second one utilizes the line art from the logo in an elegant repeating pattern.

Patterns and textures can be applied to many different collateral pieces, including on the back of a letterhead, on tissue paper, or in the inside flap of an envelope for a brand that feels elevated and intentional.

sdbi brand patterns

Brand Colors

The color palette for Studio 616 is intended to be soft and neutral. The primary colors are soft black and stone with steel, muted gold and ivory being used as secondary accent colors within the brand.

As an interior designer, Studio 616 will be presenting many different colors and textures in renderings and samplings of interior design concepts and finish products (think furniture, fabrics, paint colors, wall art, etc) so we intended for the Studio 616 brand to be neutral so that it would not clash with the designs being presented.

During the brand strategy phase, I always research the psychology behind the colors to make sure that the impact they will have on our emotions aligns with what we establish during the brand strategy phase. I study individual colors as well as how they interact with each other as a whole to determine a palette that has depth and meaning and stirs up feelings that perfectly align with the brand.

  • Soft Black: refined, elegant

  • Steel: stability, reliability

  • Muted Gold: inspiring, confidence

  • Stone: balance, calm

  • Ivory: pureness, luxury

sdbi brand color palette

Branding Beyond the Logo

Once the logos and all visual elements were established, we created a variety of collateral pieces to ensure a consistent experience anytime someone sees or interacts with the Studio 616 brand.


To learn more about Studio 616, visit

If you are looking to give your brand a massive glow up, let's chat! Contact me for a free 15 minute call to learn how we can help you elevate your brand and your confidence as a business owner.


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