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Authentic Brand Strategy

When Authentic Victories reached out about rebranding their business I couldn't wait to dive in and see what she was up to. Lisa, owner and Women's Health and Wellness Advocate, is already a genuine and authentic person - and she was ready to put those qualities to the forefront of her company and start serving women in a new, more "authentic" way.

Through brand strategy, we curated what is called an "Onliness Statement" that gets to the heart of her business:

Authentic Victories is the only wellness community that allows women

to live more freely outside of the “shoulds” and create health on their terms.

We serve professional women who are high achieving

and who may have little time for themselves.

These women are looking for a different approach with

no boundaries to where they are physically located.

They desire a feeling of peace, satisfaction and acceptance

in an era of being bombarded by “ideal bodies” and a diet culture.

Brand Keywords

  • Authentic

  • Wellness

  • Feminine

  • Acceptance

  • Love

  • Peace

  • Calm

  • Positivity

  • Wholeness


Visual Identity

The logo for Authentic Victories needed to visually feel feminine, whole and authentic. The icon shows the heart center with arms open to receiving love and acceptance, while the lines smoothly flow to create the body in a gentle yoga pose. The perfect shade of pink was chosen to set a feminine, warm, and loving tone for the brand. The script font used for the word "Authentic" was chosen to compliment the same aesthetic of the icon with a similar line weight and curved end points.


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