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Coaching with Purpose, Backed by Strategic Branding & Design

Chop Wood Carry Water—this motivational book by Joshua Medcalf, changed Laura’s life. It gave her a new perspective on how to enjoy the journey that she is on. With the help of an inspirational coach and a husband who lovingly challenged her negative self talk, Laura began to see how she could do literally anything in her life if she took just one step at a time.

She discovered her influence and magnetic personality could be put to good use in helping others find their clarity and change their mindset, so she started her consulting company to coach others and host workshops, with future goals set on becoming a keynote speaker and publishing a book.

I absolutely adore Laura (fun fact: she is a life-long friend of mine and fellow ballet dancer from our high school years) and I was so honored to get to help her define her brand for her new business, Laura Malec Co., and bring it life visually.

Brand Essence

Together, we unpacked Laura's story, values, brand voice, target audience and so much more. One of my favorite parts of the brand strategy phase is uncovering a brand's keywords. For Laura Malec Co., keywords included:

  • Mindset

  • Growth

  • Positivity

  • Purpose

  • Self Love

  • Intention

  • Influence

  • Authenticity

Visual Goals

Laura knew from the start that her visual identity should be simple, modern yet classy, and with a touch of elegance. What we discovered during her strategy session absolutely supported this vision.

Project Details

We provided Laura with full branding, collateral, and web design services:

Behind the Design

In approaching the visual identity for Laura Malec Co., we worked towards creating a

brand that is very modern, upscale and professional.

There is elegance in the simplicity of the designs we’ve created. From a classic stacked

logo to a circle shape badge to a unique right angle badge layout for a dash of fun, there

is a full variety of graphic layouts provided allowing for flexibility and options in how the

brand is visually represented.

Color Theory

Laura's color palette features four neutral and modern colors that reflect how she wants her audience to feel when they interact with her brand.

  • Soft Black for elegance, authority and discipline.

  • Ash Grey for peace, insight and maturity.

  • Putty Grey for simplicity, comfort, and a welcoming vibe.

  • Warm Clay for feeling grounded, warm and reliable.

Beyond the Logo

Once the logos were established, we created a variety of collateral pieces and a website to ensure a consistent experience across all customer touch points.

(Above) Gift box curated by Wonderfully Made Gifting Co.


To learn more about Laura Malec Co. and her coaching and training services, visit


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