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Complete Branding for Complete Career Solutions

Some clients amaze me at how far they'll go to ensure their clients are taken care of. Connie, the owner of CCC in Mitchell, is no exception!

Complete Career Center, Inc. (CCC) is based out of Mitchell, SD and offers a complete menu of solutions and training for employers and employees. Services include staffing for full and part time employees as well as temp and temp-to-hire positions. The team at CCC also provides payroll and other bookwork services to help overwhelmed business owners get more time back in their day and peace of mind to know the job is done right.

CCC Consulting is a branch of the business that allows Connie to offer consulting and training services for small to medium sized companies in order to impact change in culture, relationships, internal processes and organization. She is skilled at consulting and connecting with entry level to C-suite level executive employees, and every level in between.

When CCC reached out, they were looking for someone to help them bring clarity to their brand, and to give them an updated visual identity.

Brand Essence

During our brand strategy session, we focused on unpacking CCC's history, brand story, values, brand voice, target audience and so much more. One of my favorite parts of the brand strategy phase is uncovering a brand's keywords. For CCC, those keywords included:

  • Impactful

  • Trusted

  • Accountable

  • Professional

  • Resourceful

  • Problem-Solver

  • Organized

  • Customer-Focused

Project Details

We provided CCC with a full suite of branding and collateral pieces:

Behind the Design

In building out the visual identity for Complete Career Center, we first wanted to ensure that the brand had an updated and modern look that would resonate with its target audience.

There were a few priorities we were given with this project, the biggest one being that the logo had to be legible. We opted for very clean and bold fonts for this reason. It can be read from near or far and the letters are very clear and not muddled in any way. The selected accenting serif font used for the body copy in the branded collateral pieces adds visual interest and better legibility for areas with large amounts of text.

For the primary logo, we felt it was important to keep the “CCC” as a prominent identifying part of the visual design since most people refer to the company as CCC.

The C’s are linked to represent how Complete Career Center is the link between employers and employees, or how CCC links employers with training and development opportunities.

The CCC icon was custom created with overlapping bold outlines (a step away from the traditional filled in lettering) to give it a unique look and feel. We were able to use the outlined C to create a couple bold and visually interesting patterns.

Color Theory

It was important to the business to keep their blue and green colors that they've traditionally used throughout their years of business, both for recognition and for personal reasons. The previous blue and green colors of their brand didn't quite align with what we unpacked during their strategy phase, so we brushed up on the blues and greens and built out a fresh palette for the brand and we introduced two new colors to the mix to give the brand some added depth.

  • Navy Blue: trust, confidence, success, authority

  • Pear Green: growth, health, wealth, balance

  • Soft Ivory: safe, dependable, inviting, simplicity

  • Cadet Blue: trust, commitment, loyalty, responsibility

The bold navy and green colors play well into giving CCC a look that will capture the attention of its target customers.

Beyond the Logo

Once the brand strategy, logos and icons were established, we created some collateral pieces to ensure a consistent experience anytime someone interacts with their company. As part of our elevated brand process, all files were provided in an organized Dropbox folder for CCC to download and implement into their business.


To learn more about Complete Career Center and the services they offer, visit

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