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Recruiting Experts with Strategic Designs

Vascular & Interventional Specialists provides the highest quality, cost-effective vascular and interventional care to our community, providing our patients and their families with the education and resources they need to live healthy, happy lives.

In order to provide those services, they are looking to partner with only the highest quality, skilled physicians from across the globe. In preparation for an upcoming recruiting event, they needed some conference materials for their booth that will attract top talent. Their list of design tasks was a perfect match for a Design Day.

During our Design Day together, we completed:

  • trifold brochure

  • tablecloth

  • table banners

  • pull up banner

Printed Materials

We utilized the established VIS visual identity—including colors, fonts, logos and imagery to create a cohesive, professional look.


If you are looking to polish up your brand and create some custom branded print or digital collateral pieces, let's chat! Contact me for a free introductory call to learn how I can help you elevate your brand and your confidence as a business owner.


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