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Polishing Up an Established Brand with a Design Day

Hasche Insurance is based in Lake Preston, South Dakota and provides a wide range of insurance coverage including home, auto, farm/ranch, commercial, crop, life, and recreational.

They had an established brand, but were looking to visually polish up their logo and create some custom branded collateral pieces that they could use for client communication. Their list of design tasks was a perfect match for a Design Day.

During our Design Day together, we completed:

  • logo refresh

  • business card design

  • notecard design

  • thank you card design

  • envelope design

  • social media templates

logo evolution

Logo Refresh

The original logo for Hasche Insurance (shown Left) features blue and black colors, a basic sans serif font, framed in black lines with curved lines along the bottom.

The client requested to maintain a similar look, keeping colors and fonts. My first question I asked the client was "do those lines in the logo have any meaning?" With no purpose or meaning to the original lines, I knew that there was opportunity for change. Every element in a logo should serve a purpose.

To refine the logo, I changed the name to all caps lettering for a stronger look and introduced a contrasting serif font to add some depth to the brand. I kept a similar shape to the frame so as to not stray too far from the original look. Lastly, I changed the curved lines so that they would look more like farm land. Farm families are a primary market for Hasche Insurance and it made sense to add that as an intentional element for their brand.

A Logo to Fit All Scenarios

When it comes to implementing a logo, it's never a one-size-fits-all situation. I provided Hasche Insurance with a few different logo variations so that they would have options for small and large scenarios, and every size in between. This included a full logo with the established date, a full logo without the date, as well as a wordmark logo to use in tighter spaces where the full logo may not fit or be legible.

Hasche Insurance primary logo

Hasche Insurance primary logo

Hasche Insurance logo wordmark

Branding Beyond the Logo

Once the new logo was established, I created a variety of collateral pieces and design mock ups to ensure a consistent experience anytime someone sees or interacts with the Hasche Insurance brand.

Hasche Insurance logo mock up on farmer's tshirt

Hasche Insurance logo mock up on white truck

Hasche Insurance logo mock up on white #10 envelope

Hasche Insurance business card design mock up

Hasche Insurance thank you card design

Hasche Insurance logo notecard design

Hasche Insurance coffee cup design


If you are looking to polish up your brand and create some custom branded print or digital collateral pieces, let's chat! Contact me for a free introductory call to learn how I can help you elevate your brand and your confidence as a business owner.


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