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Design Day: Branded Promo Items with a Purpose

Returning clients are the ultimate compliment! During a recent Design Day, I got to work with a past brand client, Health Haven Consulting, to build out some collateral and promotional pieces for her to use at trade shows and events.

During our planning session, we talked about what trade show items would best serve her company and what types of giveaway/promo items would have the greatest impact and keep her top of mind with new and potential clients.

Table Runner

We started with the look of her booth. While full, custom-printed table cloths can be a bit of an investment, there is a great alternative with table runners! Starting at a mere $100 and the cost of a blank table cloth, you can have a really nice, fully branded look for a fraction of the cost.

custom designed table runner


Next, I created some signs that she can display on her table. These were built in Canva so that she can fill in specific details and reuse them for a variety of events and trade shows.

I love Canva for these types of collateral pieces. I'm able to give my clients a great baseline to work from, and they get the freedom of making updates on the fly while keeping everything on brand and looking polished.

Giveaway/Promo Items

After getting a few basics for her booth design, we did some brainstorming around what types of promo items would make sense for her brand. There are literally millions of items to choose from. Promo items can be tricky. It's easy to sink a lot of money into items that may just go straight to the trash.

Since Health Haven Consulting works with moms to provide breastfeeding support, we decided on three key items that moms can use more than once:

Milk Storage Guide Magnet This is a magnet that can conveniently get posted right on the mom's fridge for quick reference. Plus, we added Alicia's contact information so that they can reach out if they have any breastfeeding questions or challenges—Health Haven can be their immediate resource.

breastmilk storage guide magnet on stainless fridge with woman in striped shirt holding the door

Rose Gold Pens Everyone loves a cute pen! These are great to stash away in a purse or baby bag to use while running errands, making shopping lists, and tracking their baby's diaper or feeding schedule.

Inspirational Bookmarks with a Seed Sheet

A sweet little note for mom to enjoy now, with a seed sheet that takes minimal effort to plant flowers (because time) that she can enjoy later. It's a win-win!

branded seed sheet bookmark with logo and pink heart and rose gold pen with logo


To wrap up our Design Day, we created some blank notecards so that Alicia can write a little thank you note or words of encouragement and mail them out to the moms that she supports. A personal note will never go out of style, and I think people appreciate the thoughtfulness of hand-written, snail-mailed correspondence—now more than ever.

branded notecard designs with white envelope

Is a Design Day for You?

Do you have a growing list of design tasks that you are feeling eager to tackle? Click here to learn more about Design Days, or contact me today to request a call to learn more and get the process started!


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