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Virtual by Design

Virtual Office Advantage was founded over 20 years ago by Tiffny Hagan. Her story started when she had her first child and struggled with the idea of leaving her at daycare. (I feel this. Anyone else?)

Tiffny looked into what her skills and experiences were and what was exciting to her. She discovered that she loved doing super detail-oriented tasks. This led to the creation of her virtual admin business. By the time her second child was born, she could be there for her kids the way she had dreamed to be - as a room mom, school chaperon, or simply being present.

Today, she still loves the flexibility to be able to drive to get kids from college at end of the year. She can do what she loves full time and still be a present full time mom. She finds joy in helping other moms be better at what they do through organizational workflow tips and has been able to grow her business in a variety of different directions.

So Why a Rebrand?

As Tiffny reached the 20 year mark of her business, she felt it was time to make some shifts in her brand to better represent who she is and what her business is today. Her business has grown, changed and matured. Her services have been refined over the years and she has an exciting vision for the years to come. It was the perfect time to dive into her brand strategy and create a look that matched the current state of her business and carry her forward.

Brand Essence

We had such a great time during our strategy session diving deep into Tiffny's brand story, values, brand voice, target audience and so much more. One of my favorite parts of the brand strategy phase is uncovering a brand's keywords. For Virtual Office Advantage, those keywords included:

  • Professional

  • Accountable

  • Nurturing

  • Cheerleader

  • Creative

  • Detail-oriented

Visual Goals

For the visual identity for Virtual Office Advantage, we wanted to create a brand that looked very modern, professional and upscale, but still balanced with being fun and approachable.

We also knew that her look would need to resonate with her ideal customer: a woman who is age 35-55. She is a mother and her family is her priority. She lives in more urban areas and works on her own or is looking to branch out on her own to pursue her passion. She is casual, upbeat, fun, polished and professional.

Project Details

We provided Tiffny with a full suite of branding and collateral pieces:

Behind the Design

From classic vertical and horizontal logo layouts, to a custom monogram and unique file folder—there is a full spectrum of of graphics provided, allowing for a lot of flexibility and an abundance of creative options in how the brand is visually represented.

The primary logos include a custom file folder icon that plays off of the angles of the letter forms. The folder symbolizes organization. It is your friend that helps you keep it all together. The ligatures between the two F’s in Office represent flow, as in a synergistic flow between work life and family life.

We included a couple additional, stylized icons to play up her brand and introduce an element of fun that she can sprinkle across her brand in various ways. Icons are a great way to create consistency across the different touch points of your brand. They drive home the colors and style of your overall visual identity.

Color Theory

The new color palette features four neutral colors and one punchy color (for that element of fun and creativity!) that reflect how Tiffny wants her audience to feel when they interact with her brand.

  • Rich Black for sophistication, authority and formality.

  • Deep Forest for wealth, luxury, and nature.

  • Soft Lime for optimism, energy, and happiness.

  • True Navy for trust, responsibility and loyalty.

  • Putty Grey for reliability, maturity, and practicality.

Beyond the Logo

Once the logos and icons were established, we created a variety of collateral pieces to ensure a consistent experience across all customer touch points.


To learn more about Virtual Office Advantage's offerings and services, visit


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