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Beauty Beyond the Brand

Vanessens Hair Design has been an established salon in the Sioux Falls area for more than 30 years. As they've developed their team, expanded their services offerings and grown to multiple locations, they reached out to Branch to talk about a rebrand and what it would look like to give them a whole new modern look. And we were SO up to the challenge!

Vanessens centers their salon around their tightly held values of community, growth and education. They go above and beyond for their clients and so their new brand needed to reflect this up-leveled client experience.

Brand Keywords

  • Growth

  • Experience

  • Community

  • Sustainability

  • Confidence

  • Luxury

  • Authentic

  • Professional


The primary logo was created to represent a high-end salon quality experience. The connected letters add a fluid, organic feel. They swoop like hair, but the ligatures also show how Vanessens is actively connected to its community.

Additional serifs were added to the bottom of the letters to give it a more grounded look. The stylists at Vanessens, while serving in an upscale salon, are grounded and authentic in how they approach their clients and team members—with compassion and caring. They are grounded in their values.

The all capital letters of the second line are spaced out to give the logo an airy, relaxed vibe.


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