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Falling in LOVE with your Brand

You started your business because you fell in love with a new idea, a new product, or an exciting vision. Your brand is the outward culmination of all of the love that is poured into your work. Whether you're a brand new business owner just establishing your roots, or have spent years establishing your brand - it's important to periodically revisit your "why".

  • Why did you start this business?

  • Why do you continue to run this business?

  • What is your vision or dream?

  • What part of your business inspires you to leap out of bed in the morning?

Ask yourself these questions repeatedly in one sitting to get beyond the surface reasoning and get to the good stuff—really dig deep. The way you decide to put work into your brand is just like any other relationship in your life, you get what you put in!

"People don't buy what you do or how you do it, they buy why you do it." -Simon Sinek

When you make the consistent decision to check in with your "why" the benefits are numerous. You will see clarity in your vision, and a renewed and rekindled passion for your business. Being able to better make decisions for your business that align with your purpose will help you to weed out the distractions and derailments.

Communication channels become more valuable the more you clarify your position. Sharing your "why" with your internal team helps them to easily identify and live by your brand standards through their work. Because of this, your customers will be able to more clearly see the passion behind your business in the same way you do.

Branch is here to help you communicate this position in a tangible and visible way. Everything from your logo, website, promo materials, and social media should be easily identifiable to your audience and help to share the message of your "why". It's a beautiful thing when you can keep falling in love with your business by revisiting your "why" and sharing that message through your brand.


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