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Remodeling company gets its own remodel

Seykora Remodeling was a unique branding project that we LOVED tackling! They have been in the industry for a while and felt that shift. They knew it was time to update their brand with a goal of modernizing and cleaning up their old logo while keeping some of the elements consistent with their original look.

We decided it was best for their company to create a modern look with a nod to the past.

Through our initial strategy meeting, we discovered that their target audience books them for higher end home remodels so we knew speaking to this client base through design and imagery was a must!

Brand Keywords

  • Elegant

  • Modern

  • Clean

  • High Quality

  • Hard Working

  • Reliable

  • Skilled


We worked with Seykora through their rebrand to better communicate who they are and their quality of work, which included:

Visual Identity

Their new logo still includes the drafting lines to give a nod to floor plans and architecture, but we simplified it so that it was more sleek and elegant—like the homes they are remodeling.

Along with simplifying the lines, we also gave their fonts an upgrade. The serif font is modern and elegant, paired with a simple and modern sans serif font for the second line.

We kept the burnt orange from their original color palette, but added in the rich charcoal color, a neutral tan, and warm golden yellow color.

Beyond the Logo

After the logo was finalized, we started the website and booked a brand photoshoot. Carly at CK Design knocked it out of the park and brought the brand to life yet again with beautiful imagery that truly showcased what this company is capable of.

The goals for the new website were to create a better user experience with more organized navigation, feature the new logo and imagery, and better communicate the Seykora story to ultimately attract and connect with their ideal clients!


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